Total Rendition cancelled

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Last week, Geert Wilders’ party became the biggest party in the Second Chamber of the States-General of the Netherlands.

My younger self would say to me that “life has begun to imitate art” and this proves why Total Rendition is more relevant than ever. Yet, to be frank, most gamers appear to disagree, and investors foresaw this. Moreover, Total Rendition will never be completed in time to make the cultural impact I had hoped to make. From this perspective then, it is already a failure.

After trying to raise a production budget to build the 40+ hours AAA single-player experience I have had Total Rendition intended to be, for over 5 years and getting nowhere, it is perhaps time to call it quits. Unlike Hogwarts Legacy, Total Rendition is not built on a well-established franchise. It did not help its narrative has in reality not resonated well.

There was something about Total Rendition broken from the moment of conception. I wanted to give a narrative where players could vent their frustration at Dutch frat boys: But who gives a damn? Indeed, Gamergaters (they’re still around) attacked Total Rendition’s high concept as a “niche SJW RPG” while the woke crowd attacked me as a “criminal stalker” and a “[closet] fascist”, damning Total Rendition for its association with me.

It is clear that I am not going to find much support to continue this project. While I went through a lot of trouble to build Total Rendition, I feel that if I try further, I will only get more trouble and no rewards. It’s time for me to focus on more fruitful pursuits. Perhaps work done on Total Rendition can be used as a foundation for future work. Indeed, that may be its “best days to come”.

While Total Rendition never came remotely close to being completed, I’m still proud that we have delivered a remarkable achievement in the shape of a prototype that many were determined to prevent seeing the light of day!

I would therefore like to think everyone I have collaborated with on Total Rendition for the support provided to this project. It has gotten much further than anyone could have expected because of it.

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