SchiZotypy becomes part of something bigger

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From now on, SchiZotypy Games is a division of Luzac Publications, a Scotland-based publisher of software, and of books. The latter has a particular focus on Dutch (language) political literature which the reunionists of LSV Minerva and the like would rather have you forget (which is also the reason why it doesn’t operate from the Netherlands).

Why this change? It may take several more years for Total Rendition to be finished. This realisation comes as investment for narrative-driven games made by new studios is impossible to come by in the current video game publishing and venture capital climates. I figured that the revenue from books such as these can be reinvested to that end instead.

It works well the other way too: Despite not really being intended to advocate for any particular political viewpoint, it seems that Total Rendition’s narrative has already offended the Dutch student fraternity cliques and their allies, even as Total Rendition has a massive amount to go yet before it is completed. Good chance that if one is genuinely interested in Total Rendition, one is also going to be interested in our books.

The Netherlands arguably has some of the most impenetrable histories of any country in the world, a statement I do not merely make because I happen to be a Dutchman. Let’s make the world a better place, one publication at a time! The name SchiZotypy Games will continue to be used for all our narrative-driven game offerings, so continue to keep your eyes peeled.

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