Rethinking our relationship with social media


To be frank, I am a bit of a hypocrite. I have told countless of times that I thought social media is evil and is ruining gaming. I’m partially – though not entirely – walking back from that. After all, Total Rendition is already on Steam, which in turn exhibits social media-esque features, while I have an account on ArtStation. However, I of course did not say that SchiZotypy will be on X, Reddit and especially not – god forbid – Facebook.

Part of the reason we adopted a militant anti-social media philosophy was because we felt it disproportionately benefited our adversaries. This thinking was largely inspired by the critiques on social media by Jaron Lanier, Andrew Keen and Evgeny Morozov. Many of their critiques are social media are still valid, however, which is why we won’t appear on the big social media firms like X, Meta or Reddit.

What will happen is that I am probably going to increase my profile on ArtStation a bit. Thus, expect us to appear on gaming- and games industry social media more often. There are several reasons for this change of policy. First, we still aim to attract talent. Without using some “Web 2.0” tools, the challenge becomes practically insurmountable. Additionally, as long as we stick to specialist platforms, we should be relatively safe from trolling and libelling.

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