Partner with us

SchiZotypy’s upcoming debut title Total Rendition is going to be massive, that is to say, feature hours of gameplay, with scenery and characters to match.

This is why SchiZotypy needs people like you for things such as:

  • 3D animation
  • 3D modelling
  • Business Administration
  • Dialogue writing
  • Level design
  • Sound design
  • Programming (particularly with a specialty in AI)

You must be able to travel to Edinburgh, Scotland to be interviewed and have your identity verified, although once you start, you will be able to work from home in most cases.

If it appears there is a match following an interview, you will normally be attached to the Total Rendition Devteam, meaning that once funding for Total Rendition comes in, you will be called up to actively participate in Total Rendition’s development. However, if you want to fulfil a business administration role, the arrangement is going to be different since you won’t be directly working on a title in particular.

Most partnerships will be on a per-project basis instead and will for taxation purposes be considered as self-employment. For these partnerships, you would be contracted to work on Total Rendition. However, unionised game workers will still be considered and SchiZotypy Games is happy to relay your (and your union’s) concerns to investors and accommodate to your union’s demands.

Send your CV and any applicable work sample to the contact details you may find on our presskit. Try to blow us away! And good luck!