How Total Rendition will be completed

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If you are aware of Total Rendition’s goals, you will know that Total Rendition is intended to be a massive game with tens of hours of gameplay. As you can imagine, such undertaking requires the support of a large and dedicated team, especially considering the serious narrative ambitions of Total Rendition. Think of all the characters, environment and items the final result will feature.

In the last 8 months, all of my work went into making SchiZotypy Games investable and none into Total Rendition itself directly. This was expected. And it is in fact still ongoing. SchiZotypy is not going to pay contributors with air. And we won’t advance much further than a prototype without the means to pay contributors and what have you not.

Yet, there are considerable bumps, the absence of which would have ensured that progress would have been more assured and that Total Rendition’s development at present would have advanced further than it has done so. This is of course already on top of the serious lack of credibility narrative-driven gaming has amongst investors in general, much less publishers.

If the desperately desired wheelbarrow of gold is placed in front of our door, Total Rendition can be completed. It really is the only way, because one cannot finish Total Rendition – or any other ambitious narrative-driven title – with commitment alone. Fielding a team fit for an undertaking this magnitude requires lots of funding we have yet to acquire. I thus beg you for your patience and I thank you for following Total Rendition as early as now.

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