Early Access doesn’t work

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After more than a year of Total Rendition Early Access, I for one, made a crucial realisation: Early Access doesn’t work. At least not for us. We were put on a fools’ errand by venture capitalists eager to “socialize the risks and privatize the profits” and as a result, player have been pissed off (though they arguably unfairly aimed their anger at us, and me in particular, rather than those who talked us into this course).

On the other hand, we haven’t moved an inch closer to get investors to park in front of us a proverbial wheelbarrow of gold, in turn needed to hire the people needed to develop Total Rendition. Or so it seems. The learning experience is of course quite worthwhile. However, the main objective of Early Access was to prove to investors that single-player games are still in hot demand, a massive failure.

It is clear to us, that Early Access is not the way how this is done. Therefore, we are trying to pull out Total Rendition from Steam Early Access and get it into Coming Soon mode, so players may continue to wishlist it instead.

We only need to get Valve to go along with it…

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