• Why Fifth Column did not develop into a fully fledged game

    Before Total Rendition, I worked on Fifth Column. With the recent conflicts in Nagorno-Karabakh, which (alongside Philip Dick’s Man in the High Castle) inspired Fifth Column, it is rather unfortunate Fifth Column ultimately was released as a concept game, having gotten no further than a one-level prototype. Many of the people I collaborated with eventually…

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  • Rethinking our relationship with social media

    To be frank, I am a bit of a hypocrite. I have told countless of times that I thought social media is evil and is ruining gaming. I’m partially – though not entirely – walking back from that. After all, Total Rendition is already on Steam, which in turn exhibits social media-esque features, while I…

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  • A year of Total Rendition Early Access on Steam

    When I started work on Total Rendition in 2018, I had some really high hopes. Back then, I already believed Total Rendition would help save narrative-driven gaming, as well as save the world, by telling a story that is unfortunately getting more relevant with each passing year. When the first prototype of Total Rendition was…

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