• Why Total Rendition could not be completed: A postmortem

    The sequel to this. I want to use this opportunity to own my mistakes. However, I also want to celebrate successes, however small. Questions Should I remain involved in game development? It is a big maybe. When I make games, I seek to emulate the scope and scale of the titles I played and loved…

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  • Total Rendition cancelled

    Last week, Geert Wilders’ party became the biggest party in the Second Chamber of the States-General of the Netherlands. My younger self would say to me that “life has begun to imitate art” and this proves why Total Rendition is more relevant than ever. Yet, to be frank, most gamers appear to disagree, and investors…

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  • SchiZotypy becomes part of something bigger

    From now on, SchiZotypy Games is a division of Luzac Publications, a Scotland-based publisher of software, and of books. The latter has a particular focus on Dutch (language) political literature which the reunionists of LSV Minerva and the like would rather have you forget (which is also the reason why it doesn’t operate from the…

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