An immersive simulation for a post-truth world

Total Rendition is the provocative upcoming Narrative-Driven, First-Person Immersive Simulation to set the tone for all our future offerings.

The Last Hope of Story-Driven Games!

SchiZotypy Games is on a mission to return narrative-driven games to the forefront of video gaming.

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SchiZotypy Games explained

As a thought-leading game development house and publisher, SchiZotypy Games aims to offer players narrative-driven gameplay. Interactivity and immersion in its titles are key aspects in achieving this.

Based in Scotland, SchiZotypy Games believes video games continue to offer exciting opportunities for storytelling. We laugh at those who think video games are merely for kids or who think Battle Royale or mere “indie” gimmicks are the future of gaming!

Be sure to check our website periodically for upcoming gig openings for game development professionals, investment opportunities, as well as the latest news and insights on our work.